Medical Matters with John Schumann

"Health Care comprises nearly one-fifth of our nation's economy. As such, we need content that intelligently addresses important topics in health. Medical Matters demystifies the complexities of health and health care in 21st-century America, featuring a doctor who has never forgotten his roots as a regular person." -- Dr. John Schumann

Medical Matters host John Henning Schumann, M.D., is an internal medicine physician and writer ( He has contributed to SlateThe Atlantic,  Marketplace, and National Public Radio's health blog, Shots.

Dr. Schumann also serves as guest host for Studio Tulsa on a range of health- and medical-related themes.

He was appointed Interim President of the University of Oklahoma – Tulsa in January 2015. You can find him on Twitter @GlassHospital.

For this fourth and final episode in our limited series of Medical Matters shows for Fall 2015, we speak with Dr. Angelo Volandes of Harvard Medical School and Massachusetts General Hospital. He's also also the author of a popular new guidebook, which he tells us about. That book is "The Conversation: A Revolutionary Plan for End-of-Life Care." As Shannon Brownlee, the author of "Overtreated," has noted of this work: "Through seven stories of seven patients, Volandes movingly and evocatively...

For Episode # 3 of 4 in our current series of Medical Matters shows, we feature an in-depth discussion with Dr. Damon Tweedy, an African American psychiatrist at Duke University. Dr. Tweedy is also the author of a new memoir, "Black Man in a White Coat: A Doctor's Reflections on Race and Medicine," which -- per a starred review in Booklist -- "expertly weaves together statistics, personal anecdotes, and patient stories to explain why 'being black can be bad for your health.'" As was noted of...

Medical Matters continues with Show # 2 of our current four-episode limited series.

How did the rapid rise of OxyContin addiction in the 1990s lead quite directly to today's widespread crisis of heroin usage in Middle America? This week, we explore that question in a fascinating discussion with journalist Sam Quniones about his new book, "Dreamland: The True Tale of America's Opiate Epidemic."

Also on our program, we chat with Gary Schwitzer, the founder and editor...

Medical Matters has returned! The popular "program about health care and the human condition" -- created here at Public Radio Tulsa by host John Schumann and editor/producer Scott Gregory -- began a four-episode limited series on Thursday, September 10th.

You can hear a free mp3 stream of that first show (from 9/10/15) at the audio link below; subsequent shows will air at noon on KWGS 89.5 FM on 9/17, 9/24, and 10/1. And please note that each of our Thursday-at-noon shows will...

For lovers of books and literature everywhere, it's fairly common to encounter a favorite author who's also a doctor : Arthur Conan Doyle, William Carlos Williams, Walker Percy, Anton Chekov, Robin Cook, Abraham Verghese, Oliver Sacks, Michael Crichton, et al. What's far less common is finding an English professor who decides (north of the age of forty, no less) to become a doctor -- yet such is the case with Terrence Holt , a physician and medical school prof based in the Division of...

Stigma from illness keeps sufferers in the dark, where they’re ashamed to give voice to their afflictions out of fear and embarrassment. Dr. Anne Hallward , a psychiatrist in Maine, is giving voice to those living in the shadows and talks to host John Henning Schumann about her work. Gary Schwitzer of reviews the week's health news, and medical humanist Alice Dreger shares a meditation on using data to guide her own health care.

On this edition of Medical Matters , Dr. John La Puma, also known as “Chef MD”, shares how it is that what we eat has such a huge impact on our physical and emotional well-being. Chef MD short videos are seen on PBS and " REFUEL ," a nutrition guide aimed specifically at men, is Dr. La Puma's latest book. Gary Schwitzer of reviews the week's health news, and Janet Pearson shares with us a meditation on worry.


Host John Schumann speaks with Elisabeth Rosenthal of the New York Times, author of Paying Till It Hurts , a series on health care costs in the New York Times. Gary Schwitzer of reviews the week's health news, and Shara Yurkiewicz reads her viral essay Post Operative Check .

Host John Schumann speaks with Rishi Manchanda , author of the TED Book "The Upstream Doctors," regarding new ideas in medical education and so-called 'social determinants of health.' Gary Schwitzer of reviews the week's health news, and essayist Margaret McCartney from Glasgow teaches us to be wary of 'over-screening' in medical care.

Host John Schumann speaks with Leslie Kernisan , a geriatrician in San Francisco and author of the " GeriTech " blog. Gary Schwitzer of reviews the week's health news, and we hear an essay from Janet Pearson about the experience of enrolling her husband in Medicare.

Host John Schumann speaks with Daniel Siegel, a UCLA psychiatrist and author of the best-selling new book "Brainstorm." Gary Schwitzer of reviews the week's health news, and we present an essay by Harvard Medical Student Shara Yurkiewicz entitled "Being Sorry." This program aired on February 27 and 28 on Public Radio 89.5 KWGS.

Host John Schumann speaks with Sherry Glied , a health economist who served as Assistant Secretary for Health and Human Services from 2010-2012. Gary Schwitzer of reviews the week's health news, and we hear a reflection from Janet Pearson on the term "nanny state." This program aired on February 20 and 21 on Public Radio 89.5 KWGS.