Action Taken Following Monday's Quakes

Action is taken following Monday’s earthquakes near the Logan County town of Crescent. Several quakes were reported in the area. Three were stronger than 4.0. The strongest quake, felt in Tulsa was a 4.5. Three disposal wells, closest to the epicenter are taking action. Operators of two of the wells are shutting down. A third well, is cutting its injections by 50 percent. The Oklahoma Corporation Commission says the actions were voluntary and no directives were necessary.
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Tulsa Bank Robbed by Woman Bandit

Tulsa Police are searching for a lone bank robber. Police says a woman robbed the ICB Bank on Skelly Drive east of Yale around 11 this morning. Police say she was short, heavy set and dressed all in black. She made good her escape on foot. No one was injured in the robbery. Officials are not disclosing how much money was taken in the heist.
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"Boomtown: An American Journey" -- A New Documentary Film about Tulsa

On this edition of StudioTulsa, we learn about a newly created feature-length documentary film, "Boomtown: An American Journey," which depicts the history of the City of Tulsa. Our guests are Russ Kirkpatrick, the producer and executive producer of this film, and Michelle Place, the executive director of The Tulsa Historical Society and Museum, which originally commissioned it. "Boomtown: An American Journey" will be screened at the Circle Cinema here in Tulsa later this week, and will also...
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Happy 50th Birthday, Medicare. Your Patients Are Getting Healthier

Here's a bit of good news for Medicare, the popular government program that's turning 50 this week. Older Americans on Medicare are spending less time in the hospital; they're living longer; and the cost of a typical hospital stay has actually come down over the past 15 years, according to a study in the Journal of the American Medical Association.Doctors, hospitals and government administrators have put a lot of effort into making Medicare more efficient in the past 15 years. Dr. Harlan...
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Giant Panda Jia Jia Celebrates 37th Birthday And 2 Guinness World Records

Jia Jia, a giant panda living at an amusement park in Hong Kong, celebrated her 37th birthday on Tuesday and, along with it, broke two Guinness World Records.Jia Jia became the oldest giant panda ever living in captivity and the oldest giant panda currently living in captivity.CNN reports that a Guinness representative was on hand at Ocean Park to congratulate Jia Jia. Blythe Ryan Fitzwilliam said Jia Jia had achieved "an amazing longevity achievement."In human years, Jia Jia would be more...
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Bones In Church Ruins Likely The Remains Of Early Jamestown's Elite

Jamestown, Virginia — the first successful English colony in North America — was a difficult place, to say the least. Most of the colonists who arrived in 1607 died shortly thereafter.Now archaeologists have discovered the remains of some of the colony's first leaders — Jamestown's elite.These days, Jamestown is a historical site, where the emerald green grass rolls down to the James River and a steady breeze keeps the mosquitoes at bay. Preservation Virginia, a private nonprofit, runs the...
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Though tea strainers often come in brightly colored, sweet packaging with punny names like "the manatee," the lowly tea bag is often forgotten. Made from silk, plastic or paper, these bags are meant for one-time use only. Yet some artists are giving the tea bag a second life, letting their simple shapes and colors shine.

Colorado artist Wewer Keohane has been making art from spent tea bags for over 20 years. Sometimes she simply uses tea as a subtle dye, or pastes pieces of empty bags into an otherwise two-dimensional painting.

Saying that New England Patriots quarterback Tom Brady "was aware of, and took steps to support, the actions of other team employees to deflate game footballs" below required levels, NFL Commissioner Roger Goodell has upheld the punishment.

In doing so, Goodell also faulted Brady for not cooperating with the investigation, citing his "destruction of potentially relevant evidence" — a reference to Brady's cellphone and SIM card, which he gave to an assistant to be destroyed, according to Goodell's findings.

Presidential campaigns cost a lot of money these days — perhaps as much as $5 billion could be spent in the next election, by one estimate.

When the U.S. State Department released its annual human trafficking report on Monday, it told distressingly familiar tales of forced sex work and housekeepers kept against their will. But this year, one area got special attention: Slavery in the global supply chains of agriculture, fishing and aquaculture.

Ivan Moravec, a Czech pianist known for his lyrical and selfless approach to music, died Monday in a Prague hospital, according to a management representative, Linda Marder of CM Artists in New York. Moravec had been treated for pneumonia. He was 84.

Some Twitter users pulled up their feed Tuesday and saw changes involving the reply, retweet and "fav" buttons.

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Science journalist Anil Ananthaswamy thinks a lot about "self" – not necessarily himself, but the role the brain plays in our notions of self and existence.

Two Hurt in Tulsa Home Invasion

1 hour ago
KWGS News File photo

One person is shot and another is pistol whipped in an east Tulsa home invasion. Tulsa Police officer Leland Ashley says it happened early this morning in a neighborhood near 21st and South Garnett.

Officer Ashley says four people entered the home. One resident was shot in the face with a rifle and another was whipped with the butt of a gun. The residents where then tied up. Two children in the house were not hurt.

Police say the victims did not know the suspects. They got away with cash and cell phones.