The proposals for the City of Tulsa's Vision sales-tax extension are all now in, and those proposals are many and varied. Some are, indeed, visionary; others seem fanciful. Some are familiar; others seem quite novel. All of the proposals -- there were more than 130 in total -- address perceived needs of one kind or another in our community, and taken together, they tally more than $2 billion in spending. Now comes the difficult task of narrowing down the numerous needs, goals, and desires in these proposals to a coherent set of projects that will be put before voters in April of next year.

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TulsaNow, which has been around for more than a decade, is a non-profit organization whose mission is to "help Tulsa become the most vibrant, diverse, sustainable, and prosperous city of our size.

On today's StudioTulsa, we hear about Vision2, the proposal by Tulsa County to extend the Vision 2025 six-tenths-of-a-penny sales tax that is set to expire in 2017.

City Seeks Input on Use of Vision Funds

Aug 15, 2012
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Mayor Bartlett and Tulsa City Councilors will host five public forums across Tulsa to receive citizen input for Vision2 projects.

Earlier this week, the Board of County Commissioners passed a resolution which would give the citizens of Tulsa an opportunity to vote for an extension of the Vision2025 program on November 6. With a potential extension, the City of Tulsa must identify projects for inclusion in the new Vision2 program.