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The only remaining candidate, after the other finalist dropped out, gets the job of Tulsa Public Schools Superintendent. The School Board last night voted unanimously to offer the post to Dr. Deborah Gist of Rhode Island. The offer comes despite a group led by teachers who wanted someone else. Jennifer Thornton is a member of the Tulsa Classroom Teachers Association, and she believes there are better candidates available.

But Board Vice-Chair Gary Perciful has no misgivings. He says Gist is the right fit for Tulsa.

Tulsa Public Schools

A new report shows since the start of the recession, Oklahoma has made the deepest cuts in school funding in the nation. The report by the non-partisan Center on Budget and Policy Priorities finds Oklahoma’s public school funding down by almost 23% or $810 per student since 2009. Gene Perry with the Oklahoma Policy Institute says it’s not a category where you want to be number one.

Perry says we’re demanding more from our children with harder tests and curriculum and at the same time we’re taking away resources that help them learn.

Tulsa Public Schools

Voters within the Tulsa Public Schools district will go to the polls on May 14th to vote on a $38 million bond issue devoted to classroom technology as well as safety and security. Looking at facilities across the span of the district, we find that some schools have a student-to-computer ratio of 3:1, while in other schools that ratio is as high as 13:1. This bond will address those disparities, and will also provide funds for sprinkler systems within TPS's oldest schools as well as additional security at various entrances and exits. Our guest today is Dr.


Ground is broken today on a new sports complex for Memorial High School.

It’s the first new construction in a long time at Memorial. The complex, called Veterans Arena, will include a 12-hundred seat gym for basketball, volleyball, and wrestling. Public Schools Athletic Director Gil Cloud says there’s also room to accommodate all the boys and girls sports now offered. And he says it will be a community facility, that people in the Memorial area can use it for a variety of events…not just sporting events.  

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Oklahoma School Superintendents go to Oklahoma City to voice their displeasure with the new A-through-F School grading system. Among them, is Tulsa’s Superintendent Doctor Keith Ballard. He says the system is unfair and confusing.

For example, he says most people consider an “A” to be anything between 90-and-100-percent. But under this system, Ballard says a school would have to achieve a minimum grade point average of three-point-75 to get an “A”.

School Superintendents from 81 school districts in the state took part in today's gathering.

Back to School

Aug 20, 2012
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School bells are ringing in the Tulsa Public Schools. This is the first day of classes in the state's largest school district.

Tulsa School Board President Gary Percefull says, despite the financial challenges, he is expecting a good school year ahead. He says the community is supporting the school district and its educators. The district has lost millions of dollars in state cut backs.

Tulsa Police are also watching the school zones for speeders and those that do not yield to school buses.


Tulsa public schools get a 195-thousand dollar grant from PSO to boost a program helping students who live in poverty conditions. The money supports the Community Schools Initiative. Lucky Lamons is President of the Foundation for Tulsa Schools. He says the program incorporates several elements of the community into the education of children, and can help those in difficult circumstances learn as well as improve their test scores.

Some of the funds will help expand literacy programs. The donation was made at the Schools Uniting Communities conference today at OSU-Tulsa.

Another TPS Administrator to Leave

Jul 9, 2012
Tulsa Public Schools

Tulsa Public Schools’ Deputy Superintendent Millard L. House II has accepted an offer to become the Chief Operating Officer of Charlotte-Mecklenberg Schools. The Charlotte-Mecklenburg School (CMS) district is one of the nation’s largest school districts, located in the Charlotte, North Carolina, region and serves more than 141,100 students in kindergarten through 12th grade in 159 schools throughout the cities and towns of Mecklenburg County. Most recently, CMS was named one of the top school districts in the country as winner of the 2011 Broad Prize for Urban Education. In addition, Dr.

Former Commissioner to Serve on School Board

Jul 3, 2012
Wilbert Collins

The TPS school board tonight voted to appoint Wilbert E. Collins, Sr., to the District 2 seat recently resigned by board member Oma Jean Copeland.  Collins, 71, a former Tulsa County Commissioner, was among three candidates who applied for the position. 

The board unanimously voted in favor of Collins, who will fulfill the remainder of Ms. Copeland’s term, which expires in February 2013.  The other candidates were Daryl McGee, currently employed as a neighborhood inspector with the City of Tulsa, and David Leon DeVille, both of whom are former educators with TPS. 

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 Tulsa Public Schools considers early-release days once per month. The early release allows educators to collaborate teaching techniques. Students would be released in the middle of the day. Tulsa schools administrators determined that early-releases are more cost effective than adopting the late-start method.


A survey has been released for parents’ opinions. To take part in the survey, click this link