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In the local news:

  • Severe storms, including tornadoes, are expected in Oklahoma today.
  • The Tulsa School Board votes to cut 102 positions to save money.
  • It is the defense's turn in the Robert Bates trial.
Tulsa County Sheriff

A judge has refused to dismiss a case against an ex-reserve deputy in Oklahoma who is on trial for second-degree manslaughter in the fatal shooting of an unarmed man.

A judge overruled a request Monday by attorneys for former Tulsa County sheriff's volunteer Robert Bates to dismiss the case on the fourth day of testimony.

Defense attorneys claimed prosecutors didn't call an expert who established that Bates' actions amounted to negligence. Bates says he confused his handgun and stun gun in the 2015 shooting of Eric Harris.

Despite weak implementation, a financial literacy mandate is boosting credit scores and cutting severe delinquencies among Oklahoma high school graduates.

Amy Lee heads the Oklahoma Council on Economic Education and said not teaching financial literacy hurts students.

"They're being set up to not be prepared to make financial choices, and they make financial choices every day," Lee said. "They walk out of the classroom and they're making a financial choice."

KWGS News-File Photo

The state health department is working to identify potential travel-related Zika Virus cases in Oklahoma. Epidemiologist Dr. Kristy Bradley says any cases here so far are in people who traveled to Zika prone areas, and did not originate in mosquitoes here. The Department is working closely with health and medical professionals throughout the state on mosquito testing and surveillance.

There is concern because Zika infection in pregnant women can result in death of the fetus or severe birth defects. One pregnant woman in Oklahoma has been diagnosed with Zika.

Matt Trotter / KWGS

Oklahoma lawmakers have passed a bill to ban abortion by revoking the license of any physician who performs one.

On deadline day, House members passed Senate Bill 1552, which adds performing an abortion to a list of actions constituting "unprofessional conduct," which will get a doctor's license taken away.

SB1552 has no exceptions for rape, incest or severe abnormalities. Rep. Emily Virgin said Thursday she knows three women who aborted when they found their babies had serious defects and would die shortly after birth.

Crash Kills BA Man, Injures Woman

Apr 25, 2016

A Broken Arrow man is dead following a dirt bike crash in Creek County. The Oklahoma Highway Patrol says 58-year-old John Cason was killed last evening, at dusk, after he lost control of his bike. 

The crash took place along 91st at Highway 97. A woman, riding on the dirt bike with Cason, was injured. She was taken to the hospital in critical condition.

The patrol says they were not wearing helmets.

Fatal Fire at Bixby

Apr 25, 2016
Tulsa County Sheriff-Twitter

Fire investigators and law enforcement are sifting through the debris of a west Bixby home. A man, living in the home was found dead inside the house this morning.

The home is in a rural area, west of Bixby, near 161st and South Harvard. Neighbors say the man lived alone inside the house. Officials are trying to find out what caused this fire. The man apparently lived alone in the house.

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Eastbound Interstate 240 is closed in Oklahoma City after a construction vehicle struck a bridge.

The Oklahoma Department of Transportation says the eastbound interstate was closed at Anderson Road just west of the Interstate 40 junction early Monday because of damage to the bridge. The transportation department says there is damage to the bridge's guardrail and a concrete barrier wall that was in place for an ongoing resurfacing project.

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 Forecasters say a severe weather outbreak is possible Tuesday with powerful, long-track tornadoes and enormous hail predicted in some central and southern Plains states.

The Storm Prediction Center in Norman, Oklahoma, says the most dangerous weather is predicted for a 55,000-square-mile area stretching from northern Oklahoma to southern Nebraska, including the Oklahoma City area.

Forecasters say that area could see powerful winds, tornadoes and hail as large as baseballs or softballs on Tuesday afternoon and evening.

In the local news:

  • Forecasters are concerned about a severe weather outbreak tomorrow.
  • The Robert Bates trial resumes this morning.
  • Mayor Bartlett is putting the finishing touches on his city budget.