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State Superintendent Joy Hofmesiter visits a Tulsa-area alternative school’s Thanksgiving luncheon.

The Margaret Hudson Program gives teen moms a chance to stay in school and graduate. It also teaches students personal management, parenting skills and child development. Hofmeister said the program is an example of how to integrate life skills education into school curriculums.

"And that's really, I think, a model that we could see replicated school after school after school in alternative ed, but also in our regular ed population as well," Hofmeister said.

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Tulsa's John 3:16 mission is on pace to provide around 5,000 families with free ingredients for a Thanksgiving meal at home this year.

Pastor Rich Blackburn said that's up from the last couple years, but they're working hard to help people spend the holiday with family.

"Not only do people have the opportunity to eat well, but they also have the chance to sit around as a family unit, as a whole family group, and to take a meal in together," Blackburn said.

Sandy Vaughn was in line for a turkey and trimmings. She's making the family meal this year.

Stillwater Police


STILLWATER, Okla. (AP) — A Payne County judge has lifted part of a gag order involving charges filed after the Oklahoma State University homecoming parade crash.

Associate District Judge Luis Duel said Tuesday that he was rescinding a part of the gag order prohibiting families and parties to the case from discussing it. However, he said documents regarding the physical or mental health of defendant Adacia Chambers will remain sealed.

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RYAN, Okla. (AP) — Many residents in the town of Ryan are upset after their power was cut off amid an embezzlement scandal involving the town's former treasurer.

KWSO reports that a state audit showed the former treasurer took as much as $94,000 out of customers' utility bill payments when she was in office from April 2013 until she resigned July 2015.

Officials told residents to bring documentation of their utility payments to City Hall by Nov. 10, so their accounts could be made current. Those who did not make the deadline would have their power cut.

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PHOENIX (AP) — Police and highway patrol agencies in eight states spanning the country plan stepped-up patrols along Interstate 40 over the Thanksgiving travel period to reduce collisions and prevent fatalities.

States participating in the "Drive Toward Zero Fatalities" include California, Arizona, New Mexico, Oklahoma, Texas, Arkansas, Tennessee and North Carolina.

The Arizona Department of Public Safety says its effort includes increasing patrols along I-40 during busy 12-hour periods on Wednesday and Sunday.

A Rainy Holiday for Tulsa

3 hours ago

Get ready for a lot of rain. This map shows the maximum amount of rain expected in eastern Oklahoma over the next several days. General amounts of between three and seven inches are expected.

The heaviest rain will come on Thanksgiving, Thanksgiving evening and into Friday morning. After that, the rain will taper off.

The Weather Service says flooding will be a possibility if the heavy rain comes to pass. 

Two Oklahoma Inmates Are On the Run

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Law Enforcement in Oklahoma are searching for two convicts who escaped from a minimum security prison in Vinita.

The Oklahoma Department of Corrections says 37-year-old John Shepherd and 33-year-old Jason Pedro walked away from Northeast Oklahoma Correctional Center yesterday.between 6 a.m. and 8 a.m. Monday.

Shepherd had been jailed since 2013 for possession of a stolen vehicle. Pedro had been imprisoned since 2014 for pointing a firearm and possessing a firearm after a felony conviction.

Tulsa County Sheriff

A former Oklahoma sheriff's deputy convicted of sexual battery and indecent exposure has been sentenced to eight years in prison.

Gerald Nuckolls, an ex-Tulsa County sheriff's deputy, was sentenced Monday to four years on each count.

Last month, a jury convicted Nuckolls on one count each of sexual battery and indecent exposure. The jury also acquitted Nuckolls on one count of each of those charges.

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You know it’s hard out here for a chimp — unless they live at the Tulsa Zoo. Then they get a birthday party.

Just like a human child’s birthday, there were carefully wrapped gifts torn to shreds in no time and guests climbing everything. Enloe, now 1 year old, is the 13th chimpanzee born at the Tulsa Zoo since the 1950s. Zookeeper Mo O’Leary said he’s hitting all the important milestones in development.

"We're seeing him eating food, going and foraging on his own now, but he will be continuing to nurse on mom, Jodi, until his fourth year of life," O'Leary said.