Heat Alerts

National Weather Service/Owasso 411

Already the Tulsa area has set records for high temperatures on several days this summer…and the hottest days of the season are still ahead. Meterologist in Charge at the National Weather Service Office in Tulsa, Steve Piltz, says it could be a record breaking year, if the summer pattern continues.

Piltz says it has been drier than it was last summer, so mornings are a little cooler. But he says when it’s drier it also heats up faster…so we could have even hotter days in July and August than during the brutal summer of 2011.

KWGS File Photo

Triple digit heat is expected in the Tulsa area next week. Last year was a record in Tulsa for ambulance transports due to heat related illnesses. EMSA Captain Chris Stevens doesn’t want to set a new record this summer. He reminds people the most important step is to stay hydrated.

Stevens says if you know you’re going to be out in the heat, start hydrating the night before…don’t wait until you’re outside to begin. Also, hats with wide brims, and light colored, loose fitting clothing are tips to keep in mind.