Update 3/17 @ 3:21 pm

The transmission line and antenna checks out and the intermittent transmission power dropouts have stopped after a through examination of the Public Radio 89.5 transmitter. Both station operations are now back to normal.

Let us know if you can't hear either station, either by email or by calling at 918-631-2577 (toll-free 888-594-5947.)

Update 3/17 @ 10:26 am


A listener asked:

"For the past several days, I have had problems with receiving 88.7 on my home receiver. All other stations are received without a problem. 88.7 seems to cut out for long periods and then will resume. Other times I turn my receiver off and when I turn it on programming continues. Do you have any explanation for this? If other stations gave me the same problem, I would think it is my receiver, but that is not the case."