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Public Radio Underwriting Works!

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Broadcast underwriting messages are a powerful way to have your enterprise make a clear on-the air statement about your commitment to noncommercial broadcasting. 

While these messages are NOT commercials, they have a profound marketing and branding impact on our listeners. 

Today’s smart marketers know that the changing landscape, brought on by the digital revolution, requires a whole new way to “Advertise.”

The underlying strategy that says  “less is more” and “intrusive messages don’t work” lies at the center of this “new way.”

Here is a sample listing of professional services, non-profits and commercial enterprises who have discovered that underwriting messages on Public Radio is the way succeed in this changing landscape:

And best of all, your on-the-air underwriting dollars help fund both Public Radio 89.5 KWGS FM and Classical 88.7 KWTU FM, insuring that these quality radio stations remain on the air in Northeastern Oklahoma.

Wayne Blackmon, our underwriting specialist, can send you an information packet with prices, coverage area maps, audience information and answer your questions by phone (1-918-521-6900) or e-mail at