What Did She Say?

Oklahoma City, OK – In cold, Okla. governor to 'offend' Constitution

OKLAHOMA CITY (AP) Did she really say that?

Mary Fallin was sworn in Monday as Oklahoma's first female governor, but in reciting the oath of office she really didn't promise to "support, obey and defend the Constitution."

At an outdoors ceremony in bone-chilling and teeth-chattering cold, Fallin told Supreme Court Chief Justice Steven W. Taylor that she would "support, obey and offend" the U.S. and state constitutions.

Spokesman Alex Weintz says that Fallin dropped the "d'' in "defend" but adds he was amazed anyone could speak clearly at the ceremony considering it was 29 degrees with snow.

Regardless of what she said, under Oklahoma law Fallin is still the state's governor. Taylor says she signed a copy of the oath in the governor's office following the ceremony.