Tulsa Wins Worst Parking Crater

Apr 11, 2013

Credit Courtesy City of Tulsa
Credit Courtesy City of Tulsa

Tulsa wins a dubious honor: the “Golden Crater” championship of Streetsblog’s contest for Worst Parking Crater in a U.S. downtown.

Photos on the blog show an aerial view of the southern half of downtown, as well as two photos looking north toward the BOK Tower from Boston Avenue, one from 1978 and one from 2005.

Voting ended today in the March-Madness-style contest. Tulsa beat out Houston in the “final four” and Milwaukee in the championship.

The final match was a “total blowout,” according to the blog, which lists Tulsa receiving 483 votes to Milwaukee’s 124.

Listen here to our report from this morning, on why Tulsa has done so “well” in the competition.