Tulsa Transit Wants Capital Dollars for Rapid Transit Line

Jun 27, 2013

The Tulsa City Council hears from Tulsa Transit and INCOG at today's meeting.
Credit KWGS News/TGov

Tulsa Transit wants $15-million to implement its Bus Rapid Transit System along Peoria Avenue. The Indian Nations Council of Government’s James Wagner says Peoria makes the most sense for a BRT Route.

He says 20% of Tulsa Transits riders are already using the route along 15-mile stretch. Wagner says 1-in-7 Tulsa residents live within a half mile of the line, plus it includes many of the busy shopping and dining areas, such as Cherry Street and Brookside.

Under the plan the wait would be about 15-to-20 minutes for a bus, depending on the time of day. Tulsa Transit and INCOG are asking the city council for the project to be included in an upcoming capital improvement project.