Tulsa State Fair Parking

Tulsa, OK – With the Tulsa State Fair being visited by many throughout the coming weeks, parking will prove to be a bit of a hassle. Thankfully, aside from the parking at expo square, there will also be alternative parking sites with shuttles to transport you to and from Expo Square. The three alternative parking locations are Tulsa Promenade Mall, Nathan Hale High School, and the Tulsa Public Schools Education Service Center, with the shuttles running both weekends of the fair.
And while you may be thinking of just parking in the neighborhoods around fair, you will get a fine. Illegal parking in the streets will result in $30 to $60 fines, with the possibility that your car may be towed.
Illegal parking in yards is also prohibited, even if you are paying for the spot. Both the owner of the property and the vehicle owner will be fined. So while it may be easier to park in the streets, be smart and park in one of the alternative parking spaces so that your fair experience will not be ruined by a towed car.