Tulsa Sales Tax Up

Jan 23, 2013

Credit KWGS News File Photo
Mayor Dewey Bartlett said today that the City of Tulsa’s January sales tax revenue for mid-November to mid-December, as reported by the Oklahoma Tax Commission, totaled $20,725,332.That is $713,595 more than the same period the previous year, or a 3.57 percent increase. For the year to date, the City of Tulsa has received $134,048,447in sales tax revenue. That is about 7.7  percent above the same period in the previous year. It is even with budget projections. “We are happy to see these small but very welcomed increases in sales tax collections,” said Mayor Dewey Bartlett. “But we continue to be cautious in our spending and are working to find more ways to deliver services more efficiently.”  Use tax revenues for the mid-November to mid-December period totaled $2,047,607, which is 1.9 percent above the amount collected in the same period in the previous year.  For the year to date, use tax collections total $12,524,953, or about 9.8 percent above the previous year and about 3.7 percent above budget estimates.