Tulsa Council Discusses Ways to Increase City Funding

Jul 31, 2013

Former Mayor Kathy Taylor was among those invited to speak to the council
Credit KWGS News/TGov

The Tulsa City Council invites civic leaders, including Mayor Bartlett and his election challenger Kathy Taylor, to a meeting on ways to improve the city’s economic development effort. Councilor Blake Ewing chaired the meeting.

BLAKE EWING: "We have had all of these conversations about how to pay for things. It is a recurring theme that we have more needs than money."

The goal of the conversation was to come-up with ways to enhance the city’s revenue stream without raising taxes.

BLAKE EWING: "One of the the things, that I guess, the business owner in me when times are tough wants to take at least some time and focus on how to raise those revenues."

The focus seemed to be on wants to increase tourism in Tulsa as a way to bring in more sales tax dollars.