Tulsa Caucus

Tulsa, OK – Legislators form Tulsa Caucus

OKLAHOMA CITY (AP) Two state lawmakers from Tulsa are forming a bipartisan caucus to promote the interests of Oklahoma's second largest city.

Rep. Eric Proctor and Sen. Gary Stanislawski say the new Tulsa Caucus is open to all Tulsa-area legislators and elected officials. It will meet before the end of the year to review legislative priorities.

Proctor, a Democrat, says Tulsa's needs are being crowded out at the state Capitol. He says it's important that the city's infrastructure needs are met.

Stanislawski, a Republican, says Tulsa has been the main economic engine for Oklahoma for over 100 years. But Stanislawski says the city has been a net donor to Oklahoma's treasury.

He says the new caucus wants to make sure Tulsa's interests are not overlooked.