A Tulsa-Based Blogger and Her Ongoing "Global Table Adventure"

Tulsa, Oklahoma – On this edition of StudioTulsa, we speak with Sasha Martin, a stay-at-home mom and blogger in Tulsa who delights and informs readers all over the planet with her "Global Table Adventure" website. With great photos, videos, blog entries, facts, anecdotes, and recipes --- see for yourself at globaltableadventure.com --- this site invites readers to come along on Martin's remarkable journey, an A-to-Z expedition that she describes on her site like so: "Over the next few years I am going to prepare one meal for every country in the world. Since there are 195 countries in the world, I'll be preparing 195 meals. And, just to keep things fun, I am going to do this in 195 weeks. All from my little kitchen here in Tulsa, Oklahoma." As Martin tells us on our show today, her husband and their young daughter are also a big part of this adventure, and --- while it's true that some meals are definitely easier or tastier or more fun to consume than others --- the larger goal here, of course, is about learning new things, trying new meals, experiencing new traditions, and (a bit vicariously, admittedly) visiting new cultures.