TU Dance Presents "Momentum: A Body in Motion"

Tulsa, Oklahoma – On this edition of StudioTulsa, we check in with Jessica Vokoun, who teaches dance here at the University of Tulsa, and Jerry McCoy who's a professor of physics. They have collaborated --- along with several TU dance students, as well as a noted Chicago-based choreographer --- on an interesting new theatrical piece (which will be staged this weekend) called "Momentum: A Body in Motion." It's a diverse collection of dance works that both explores and explains some of the key concepts behind physics. Tonight's show (that is, for Friday the 29th) has been **cancelled** due to hazardous winter weather, but the presentations of "Momentum" scheduled for Saturday night (the 30th) and Sunday afternoon (the 31st) are, at this point, still "on" --- be sure to call the TU Box Office for further information: 918-631-2567. Also on today's program, our commentator Barry Friedman recounts an especially humiliating visit to the doctor.