Thursday Night at TU: The Buck Colbert Franklin Memorial Civil Rights Lecture

Tulsa, Oklahoma – On this installment of our program, we speak by phone with Tomiko Brown-Nagin, the Justice Thurgood Marshall Distinguished Professor of Law and Professor of History at the University of Virginia School of Law. She'll be presenting the Buck Colbert Franklin Memorial Civil Rights Lecture at the TU College of Law on Thursday the 17th at 6pm. This event happens in John Rogers Hall on the TU campus and is free to the public; Brown-Nagin's talk is entitled "Movement Lawyers, Courts, and Social Change." (For further details, check out this link at the TU website: As we learn on today's StudioTulsa, Brown-Nagin's lecture will be based on on her newly published book, "Courage to Dissent," which focuses on lawyers, courts, events, and community-based activism in and around the city of Atlanta during America's Civil Rights Era.