Technology Important Factor in Upcoming TPS Bond Issue

Apr 24, 2013

Credit Tulsa Public Schools

An upcoming $38 million  bond issue is focusing on security upgrades for buildings, and student-teacher technology. Administrator Ellen Duecker says the push for technology has involved many voices from advisors to provide an efficient plan.

"This from the very beginning has involved citizens, IT professionals from around the city, we have strong voices of teachers, we did teacher surveys and blogs," Duecker says, " And all of those groups together help us come up with a good plan."

Duecker focuses on the implementation of  technology to provide more classroom resources, aiding both students and teachers.

"Technology is an important part of our students' lives, and so equipping them in the classroom for the real world involves having them have access to not only tools, but online resources," she says.

The proposal would increase property taxes on a one-hundred thousand dollar home by about four dollars a month. The bond question will be on a special ballot May 14th.