Supreme Court Afirms Most of 1804

Tulsa, OK – Okla. Supreme Ct. upholds illegal immigration law

OKLAHOMA CITY (AP) The Oklahoma Supreme Court says most of Oklahoma's anti-illegal immigration law is constitutional, but the court has struck down one section regarding the flight risk of illegal immigrants who are in custody.

The state's highest court handed down a 25-page decision Tuesday that says most of House Bill 1804 is constitutional. The measure was passed by the Legislature in 2007.

Tuesday's decision largely upholds a ruling by a Tulsa County district judge in 2009 who said most of the law was constitutional.

The Supreme Court struck down one section of the law regarding bond for illegal immigrants who are in custody. The section says a person who is not in the country legally is presumed to be a flight risk. The high court says that is a special law prohibited by the Constitution.