Super Computer

Tulsa, OK – The Oklahoma Innovation Institute today announced that it has received a major federal grant to fund the institute's flagship asset, a dense memory supercomputer with the only computing capabilities of its kind in the region. The Tulsa Community Supercomputer puts Tulsa on the map with the most competitive technology clusters in the United States.

To be located in One Technology Center in downtown Tulsa through an agreement with the City of Tulsa, the Tulsa Community Supercomputer is the key piece to a larger effort by the Institute to build an innovative economy in the Tulsa region and stimulate private sector job growth in the area. The supercomputer will leverage universities, colleges, research centers, enterprise and small business to address computational needs across multiple industries and disciplines.

"Oklahoma Innovation Institute represents a historic, collaborative, multidisciplinary research partnership formed by The University of Tulsa, Oklahoma University-Tulsa, Oklahoma State University-Tulsa, and Tulsa Community College," said Institute Board Chairman Barry Davis. "Through this partnership, the programs and services developed - like the Tulsa Community Supercomputer - will lead to the creation of high impact jobs for the Tulsa region in the technology and scientific sectors."

The U.S. Economic Development Administration awarded the Oklahoma Innovation Institute an $800,000 grant to fund the Tulsa Community Supercomputer as part of a $6.75 million funding package for Phase I of the Institute's development. Other funding sources include philanthropic partnerships with the Grace and Franklin Bernsen Foundation. The Indian Nations Council of Governments (INCOG) was instrumental in securing the EDA grant.

"This sharing of resources that the Oklahoma Innovation Institute provides has been needed in the Tulsa region for many years," said Don Pray, Trustee for the Bernsen Foundation. "Our foundation's namesake, Franklin Bernsen was a consummate entrepreneur and we are thrilled to continue his legacy by promoting entrepreneurship and job creation in the Tulsa region."

The Oklahoma Innovation Institute is a 501(c)(3) not-for-profit corporation committed to building an innovative economy in the Tulsa region. The Institute fosters collaborative research and development, entrepreneurship, company creation and retention, life-long learning and creative, future-oriented thinking. These objectives are driven by private sector, government and philanthropic partnerships.