Transform Your Car
1:53 pm
Thu June 13, 2013

The Stories Your Car Could Tell... And The Stories It Still Might!

Poor Betsy. Or Bert. We know how difficult it can be to break ties with a beloved car. Yeah, it's been around the block a few times, but oh! the pleasure it gave you on trips back and forth to everywhere. There does comes a time, though, in every vehicle's life to say goodbye. 

Click and Clack, the car guys, have a way to sweeten that sorrow. Instead of selling off your beloved vehicle or sending it to a junkyard, donate it instead to public radio. Car Talk Vehicle Donation Services will whisk away your car to a better place. You'll receive a sales receipt, which you'll use to lower your taxes. And Public Radio Tulsa will receive proceeds to keep KWGS programs like Morning Edition, All Things Considered - all of your favorites - on-the-air, in addition to classical music on KWTU. 

Click Here to Learn More or call the vehicle donation experts at 1-855-277-2346. Tell 'em Click and Clack sent you.

Rick is able to donate, even during tough economic times


Rajeev gives his "coming of age car"


Monique donates a yellow Beetle

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