Spring Peak for Gasoline Prices

Mar 18, 2014

Credit KWGS News File Photo

Gasoline prices are hitting peaks, but Oklahoma manages to stay below the national average. AAA’s Danial Karnes says anything can change gasoline prices – from natural disasters, foreign events, to pipeline interruptions.

"We're seeing those prices inch up; we may be just right at our peak. Everything that plays into gas prices including: the geopolitical tensions with Russia- worse than expected, economic data out of china. So all of those things are playing into our gas prices."

Karnes says the spring season also affects prices.

"We do have maintenance going on at refineries. They're shutting down switching their blends of gasoline from the winter blend over to the summer blend fuel, which is a cleaner burning fuel. That has to be completed by May 1st."

Karnes says prices usually go down around Memorial Day, but anything can happen unexpectedly.