​Spring, Herbs, Public Radio, and You

Mar 1, 2017

It's almost spring, when thoughts turn to...supporting Public Radio Tulsa!  Our Spring Fund Drive will be March 29 - 31 on KWTU, and April 3 - 8 on KWGS.  But don't wait!  Pledge now and take advantage of our TWO Early-Bird thank-you gifts!

Southwood Landscape and Nursery at 91st and Lewis is AGAIN making early pledgers to our Spring Fund Drive a wonderful offer:  Make a pledge of $120 ($10/month) or more by midnight Tuesday, April 4th, 2017, and you will receive a voucher that you can redeem for six Southwood-grown herbs of your choice.  As always, this is a gift that Southwood is making available to Public Radio Tulsa at no cost, so this does NOT affect the tax-deductibility of your donation, AND will be in addition to any other thank-you gift that your pledge qualifies for.  Also new this year?  This Early-Bird offer is extended to the SECOND DAY of our fund drive, April 4th! What is the second Early-Bird gift, you ask?  It's a stylish, tough NPR tote bag!  This polyester bag with a 25-lb. capacity is available for a pledge of $150 ($12.50/month) or more, but is ONLY available until midnight, April 4th.  This sharp tote would be perfect for groceries, the farmers market, or anywhere you want to share with the world how much you love NPR.

We'll tell you more in the coming weeks about our other thank-you gifts, of which we are sinfully proud: our Public Radio Tulsa/NPR ball cap ($180 or $15/month or more) and our Public Radio Tulsa top-quality copper-lined bottle ($360 or $30/month or more).  In the meantime, you can see them when you click the DONATE button on our web site and select the appropriate donation level.

Here's the bottom line:  Whether you can contribute $5 a month, or $5,000 a year...whether you can't wait to don a Public Radio Tulsa/NPR ball cap, or you'd just as soon ALL your pledge benefit Public Radio Tulsa...what matters is you.  Your ongoing commitment to financially support Public Radio Tulsa and the unparalleled journalism you hear every day is vital.  Because NONE of what you hear -- not Morning Edition, not RadioLab, not Wait, Wait...Don't Tell Me, not jazz and classical music -- could happen without you.

Remember those Early-Bird gifts, and put us on the road to a record-breaking Spring Fund Drive with your online pledge today! DONATE NOW