The Renowned Printmaker and Artist Warrington Colescott, Still Very Active (Both Artistically and Conversationally) at Age 88

Tulsa, Oklahoma – On this edition of our show, we speak with the delightfully mischievous and reflective American artist and printmaker Warrington Colescott (born 1921), who taught art at the University of Wisconsin for nearly four decades, and who is the subject of a fine new exhibit here at TU called "Suites and Singles: Color Etchings by Warrington Colescott," which will be on view at the Alexandre Hogue Gallery from today (October 1st) through the 29th. Colescott is at once candid, amusing, and insightful as he talks with host Rich Fisher about his storied life and pioneering career as an artist. (Please note that there will be a free-to-the-public Opening Reception for this exhibit this evening, from 5pm till 7pm, in the Hogue Gallery. Also, Colescott will deliver an Artist's Lecture in Phillips Hall on the TU campus this afternoon at 4pm.) For more information about this interesting and engaging artist, and about his current show here at TU, please visit the following link ---