Rapid Bus Transit Meeting Set for Tonight

Oct 21, 2013

The sign in front of Tulsa Transit's headquarters in Tulsa
Credit KWGS News File Photo

A part of next month’s $918-million  capital package includes funding for Rapid Transit. It would provide bus service every few minutes along Peoria Avenue from North to South Tulsa, and back again.

Indian Nation’s Council of Government’s James Wagner says a lot of people live in that area.

JAMES WAGNER: "With in that corridor you have about 69,000 people with in a half-mile either side of it (Peoria Avenue).  That connects to about 37,000 jobs."

Under the plan a bus would come by about four times an hour. Currently the wait is at least 30-minutes and in some cases longer.

JAMES WAGNER: "The transit system is oriented to where you either have to go downtown or to the Memorial Station to make a transfer. Our objective is create a spin of transit that runs north and south with high frequency."

A meeting on that portion of the 'Improve Our Tulsa' project is set for this evening at All Souls Unitarian Church. It will begin at 6:30. Rapid Bus Transit would cost about $1-million to implement. Light rail would cost closer to $20-million.