Public Radio 89.5 Special Holiday Programs

Nov 25, 2013

Celebrate the holidays with Public Radio Tulsa as we gift-wrap special programming for you from across the country and around the world.

Tinsel Tales 2: NPR Christmas Favorites
Wednesday, Dec 25 • 11 am - noon
Public Radio 89.5-1     

NPR fills millions of homes each holiday with humor, warmth, and a host of festive voices. Continuing with the tradition of the first Tinsel Tales program, this is another collection of the best and most requested holiday stories. Joy, hope, and childhood memories overflow as NPR voices, past and present, tell stories of the season. Hosted by Lynn Neary.

Featured Stories:

  • Santa Claus, Private Eye (Duck's Breath Mystery Theatre of San Francisco)
  • Pass The Fois Gras: Christmas Menu Hard To Digest (Firoozeh Dumas)
  • A 'Silent Night' That Brought Healing (Steve Banko)
  • The Christmas Club (Bill Harley)
  • All I Wanted For Christmas (NPR staffers)
  • Christmas Gift Records (The Ban-Smo Label)
  • The Night Before Christmas, Latin Style (Read by NPR's Claudio Sanchez)
  • The Designated Celebrator (Melinda Shoaf)
  • Christmas Truce (Historian Douglas Brinkley)
  • Wolf Christmas (Daniel Pinkwater)

Tinsel Tales 2: NPR Christmas Favorites
Wednesday, Dec 25 • 7-8 pm
Public Radio 89.5-1     

This program features stories from the NPR archives that touch on the meaning of Christmas. David Sedaris, Bailey White, John Henry Faulk -- these and other NPR voices, past and present, tell stories of the season. Hosted by Lynn Neary.

Featured Stories:

  • Dad 'n' Sam (Jay Allison)
  • Homeless Christmas (Lee Stringer)
  • Christmas Morning, 1949 (Sylvia Seymour/Paul Auster)
  • Low-Glamour Christmas Party (Bailey White)
  • Doing it in the Closet (John McIlwraith)
  • Christopher (Jay O'Callahan)
  • Ode to Christmas (Chuck Kramer)
  • Santaland Diaries (David Sedaris)
  • Modern Day Joseph and Mary (Scott Simon)
  • John Henry Faulk's Christmas Story (John Henry Faulk)

All Songs Considered
Thursday, Dec 26 • noon - 1 pm
Public Radio 89.5-1

It's the fifth edition of the wonky holiday tradition from NPR Music. Host Bob Boilen and friends trade holiday cheer and snarky barbs while bringing you the best holiday songs from new and emerging breakout bands. Hear renditions of great holiday music you'll never hear at the mall.

Capitol Steps New Years Special
Saturday, Dec 28 • 11 am - noon
Public Radio 89.5-1

Help roast 2013 to a crisp with the Capitol Steps and their annual year-in-review awards ceremony.  It’s all in their hour-long special, “Politics Takes a Holiday!”  This year will feature all-new awards, such as: “Best Moment in Senator Ted Cruz’s 21-hour Filibuster,” “Most ‘icky’ Tweet from Carlos Danger” “Best Thigh-Reducing Exercises to do While Waiting for” and, of course, “Best Reason to Spy On the American Public- Because You Can!” 

Toast of the Nation 2014
Tuesday, Dec 31 • 10 pm - 3 am LIVE
Public Radio 89.5-2

Count down, sing along, and dance to live music all night long. Travel from coast to coast with four celebrations of midnight from time zone to time zone. It's the perfect holiday special for any New Year's party. See details on KWGS HD-2.

Freakonomics Marathon
Wednesday, Jan 1 • 10 am - 3 pm
Public Radio 89.5-1

Hone your resolutions and start your New Year with Steven Leavitt and Stephen Dubner who use the tools of economics to explore and explain real-world behavior. Freakonomics Radio explores ‘the hidden side of everything’. It will tell you things you always thought you knew but didn’t, and things you never thought you wanted to know but do.

  • 10:00 am • Should Tipping Be Banned?
  • 11:00 am • Spite Happens
  • 12:00 pm • Women Are Not Men
  • 1:00 pm • How Much Does Your Name Matter?
  • 2:00 pm • The Cobra Effect

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