Proposed Police Budget Savings

TO: Mayor Dewey Bartlett
FROM: Chief Ron Palmer, CHF
CC: Terry Simonson, Chief of Staff
Jim Twombly, Director of Administration
Deputy Chief Mark McCrory
Deputy Chief Dennis Larsen
Deputy Chief Daryl Webster

DATE: January 7, 2010

SUBJECT: Revised Staff Reduction Plan
The Police Department proposes to reduce its remaining Fiscal 2010
budget by 4.4 percent, or $ 3,461,554 through a combination of material budget line item reductions of supplies and services, FOP offered concessions, positions frozen, civil and sworn personnel laid-off, Supervisory and Management
positions to be vacated by attrition, and JAG Grant funding already approved for three officer positions.

Attrition Component:
The Police Department proposes to vacate through anticipated attrition 14 managerial and supervisory positions in all ranks during the remainder of Fiscal 2010. These 14 positions include:
1 Major
2 Captains
8 Sergeants
3 Corporals
The Department further proposes, in the event economic hardship continues in Fiscal 2011 and beyond, to reduce managerial and supervisory personnel by an additional 90 positions through attrition in succeeding years, these positions
not to be filled until economic conditions permit. When complete, this attrition plan will result in the elimination of the
following positions:
1 Deputy Chief
3 Majors
6 Captains
12 Sergeants
82 Corporals (Note that when complete, this will permanently eliminate the rank of Corporal)

The Police Department advises that the positions to be reduced by attrition, with the exception of those occurring in the Corporal's rank, are ultimately necessary to the management and supervision of the Police Department. Their elimination
must be phased in order to permit the Department to accommodate new structuring and to preserve its upcoming leadership corps. In the future, when the Department is able to return to an approximation of its present manning level, The Police
Department recommends that the Sergeant, Captain, Major and Deputy Chief Positions
should once again be filled and that the eliminated Corporal positions should be replaced by entry level PD-01's, which will create an additional payroll savings in years to come.

Lay-off Component, Public Safety, & Diversity:
In order to meet the target savings, the Police Department will be required to lay-off 120 sworn personnel of PD-01 rank.

We believe that a loss of this magnitude must negatively impact Public Safety.