President to Speak to Children

Tulsa, OK – As a district, Tulsa Public Schools has not
directed schools to include the speech as part of their curriculum; however, some teachers, in their own
judgment, will use the event as an instructional opportunity. In each case, the content of the lesson will
be at the teacher's discretion and will be supported by the district as long as it furthers the mission of
providing a quality learning experience for every child, every day, without exception.
The fact that the President of the United States of America has chosen to address America's
schoolchildren deserves attention and respect. Tulsa Public Schools encourages parents to talk with
their children about President Obama's speech and its significance to the nation, the community, and to
their families. According to the U.S. Department of Education, the speech will emphasize the
importance of students taking charge of their education.
An example of one TPS school's decision to offer the president's speech on September 8 is the Social
Studies Department at Central High School, where they have already made plans to integrate the speech
into their curriculum.
Students who opt out of the social studies exercise, at any school, will work on an alternative
assignment of equal value.