Power Coming Back in Tulsa

Jul 26, 2013

An AEP crew from Texas works on Tulsa's power problems.
Credit KWGS News

4:30. update: 14,000 still off line 

  10:45AM Update Friday: PSO now reporting 23K still without power. That is down from 100K Wednesday morning.

Following Wednesday morning's damaging thunderstorm, the Public Service Company of Oklahoma is making progress in getting power restored to customers. As of 7:30 this morning, the utility was reporting 27,400 customers still without service.

PSO continues its large-scale response to restore electric service to customers in the wake of significant power outages caused by severe thunderstorms packing 80 mph winds that struck the Tulsa metropolitan area in the early morning hours.

Crews from over a half-dozen states have been brought into the Tulsa area to work on the power related problems. PSO hopes to have most people on line by tomorrow (Saturday) evening.