Poultry Lawsuit Update

Tulsa, OK – Outgoing AG: No quick resolution to pollution case

TULSA, Okla. (AP) If Oklahoma's new attorney general or governor decide to drop a lawsuit accusing poultry companies of pollution, the outgoing attorney general predicts the case will be picked up by other interested parties.

Outgoing Attorney General Drew Edmondson says he's confident the litigation won't be resolved quickly. And he says if the matter is abandoned the case could be advanced by towns, landowners, tribal entities, canoe operators or others.

Edmondson sued the Arkansas companies that include Tyson Foods and Cargill Inc. in 2005. The lawsuit claims chicken manure from their facilities polluted the 1-million-acre Illinois River watershed in Oklahoma and Arkansas.

The case is being monitored by other states that are considering challenges to the poultry industry.

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