Poultry Lawsuit Update

Tulsa, OK – Lawyer says expert ignored other pollution sources

TULSA, Okla. (AP) A poultry company attorney is accusing a scientist of disregarding nearly 20 possible sources of pollution in a sensitive watershed in northeastern Oklahoma.

Tyson Foods Attorney Tom Green ticked off the list Wednesday while cross-examining geochemist Roger Olsen, an expert witness for Oklahoma's federal lawsuit against 11 Arkansas poultry companies.

Green says Olsen didn't take soil or field samples near septic systems, nurseries or golf courses in the Illinois River watershed.

Oklahoma claims the poultry companies are to blame for polluting the watershed with tons of chicken manure.

The companies say Oklahoma is ignoring many other potential causes of the pollution, such as storm runoff, waste from cattle operations or pollutants from coal-fired power plants in the area.

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