Politics Takes A Holiday: The Capitol Steps Fourth of July 2013 Edition

Jul 3, 2013

Credit Wikimedia Commons

THE GANG OF 8 has announced that in order to be a citizen of the United States, you have to listen to the Capitol Steps 4th of July special, "Politics Takes a Holiday!" at 11 am, Thursday the 4th, on Public Radio 89.5-1.

Statistics show that many people who have not listened to past specials have been audited by the IRS. Coincidence? Probably!

So relax and celebrate your country by helping The Capitol Steps make fun of it. It's not like there isn't a lot of material to work with...

Not for the faint of heart or for those considering running for office.

Go ahead, post on Facebook (hopefully you didn't invest in it) and tell your friends all about it! If there is anything Congress can agree on, it is the Capitol Steps' one-hour long special will have you laughing harder than Joe Biden at a Vice Presidential debate.