Suspect in Motel Stand-Off Dead, Police Say Self Inflicted Wound

Oct 19, 2012

The Days Inn Hotel at I-244 and North Sheridan was the scene this morning of a Police stand-off with a Tulsa homicide suspect.

Police cornered Eliboreo Carrillo  in one of the rooms. Other guests at the hotel were evacuated. 

Carrillo was wanted for the murder of his ex-wife’s boyfriend last night in Tulsa. The area around the hotel was sealed off from about 1:30 this morning till around 10AM.

Police have pumped tear gas into the room but there has was no response. About 6:30 this morning officers heard shots come from the room. That is when police believe Carrillo took his own life.

Officers waited several hours before entering the room,  since Carrillo was suspected  for murder and they knew he was armed. When all efforts to make contact with him failed, officers of the Special Operations Team entered the room and discovered his body.