Phone Change FAQ's

Tulsa, OK – Here are the most frequently asked questions received by the Oklahoma Corporation Commission regarding the addition ("overlay") of the new area code (539) to the area served by 918:
1) When does 10-digit dialing start for local calls, and will my number change? No existing number will change. 10-digit dialing for local calls begins 12:01 a.m., Saturday March 5.
2) Do I need to dial a "1" before the area code when making local calls? No. Dialing a "1" before an area code is only necessary for long distance calls.
3) If I'm dialing a call with the new 539 area code, is it a long distance call? Local calling boundaries do not change. If the area you are calling was a local call before the addition of 539, it is still a local call, regardless of whether the number has an area code of 539 or 918.
4) Will I be charged for long distance if I accidentally dial a "1" before the area code when making a local call? No. The call will not go through, and you will get a message telling you that it is not necessary to dial a "1".
5) When will we start seeing telephone numbers with the 539 area code? 539 area code numbers will be assigned starting April 1, 2011.
6) Can I still get a 918 area code number after April 1? Yes, IF there are still numbers available in your area. You must request a 918 number.
7) What happens if I dial a local call with just 7 digits after the change? You will get a recording telling you to redial using the area code.
8) How will I know whether a local number is 918 or 539? All directory listings will include the area code.
9) What prefixes will the new area code cover? The new 539 area code will cover the entire 918 area, so all prefixes within 918 are included.
10) Who should I call if I have a problem? Contact your telephone service provider. If you have special equipment (such as a business or other entity with a PBX system, customers with auto-dialing equipment, etc), contact the equipment vendor. If you have a general question, you can contact the Oklahoma Corporation Commission (OCC):