At Philbrook --- "Stamps of Approval: Pioneers of American Industrial Design"

Jun 29, 2012

Our guest on this edition of ST is Derry Noyes, an art diretor and graphic designer with the US Postal Service (you can read her bio here). Noyes was the art director a series of Forever US Postage stamps created in 2011 to salute such pioneering American industrial designers as Norman Bel Geddes, Russell Wright, Henry Dreyfuss, and Walter Dorwin Teague. A traveling exhibition, "Stamps of Approval: Pioneers of American Industrial Design," was then created in connection with this series of stamps; the exhibit --- which can now be seen at the Philbrook Musueum of Art in Tulsa, where it will remain through August 26th --- presents nine objects, all from the collection of George R. Kravis II, that are depicted on these stamps. Each of these objects, in turn, is a landmark creation of streamlined, mid-century design --- and one of the objects, as we learn on this installment of ST, was actually designed by the father of our guest: Eliot Noyes. His 1961 IBM Selectric typewriter stands as a signature achievement of American industrial design, and as his daughter tells our host Rich Fisher, beautiful-yet-functional creations like the Selectric can now be seen as precursors to today's Apple products. Also on our program, Dr. John Henning Schumann, our commentator on health and medical matters, remembers a certain patient and his rather tricky onset of Alzheimer's disease.