Pharmacist Trial Begins

Oklahoma City – OKLAHOMA CITY (AP) An Oklahoma County prosecutor says a pharmacist who shot and killed a teenager during an attempted robbery was initially hailed as a hero, but is actually a "murderer."

Pharmacist Jerome Ersland is on trial for first-degree murder in the May 2009 shooting death of 16-year-old Antwun Parker at a south Oklahoma City pharmacy.

District Attorney David Prater told jurors Friday during his opening statement that Parker was unarmed when he and another teen entered the pharmacy demanding money and drugs. He says the 59-year-old Ersland knocked Parker unconscious by shooting him in the head, then chased the armed second teen out of the store.

Prater says Ersland returned, grabbed a second gun and killed Parker by shooting him five more times.

Ersland says he shot in self-defense.