One German Word, and the Big Ideas Informing It: Notes on "Kulturtechnik"

Apr 19, 2012

On today's program, we offer a linguistic/semantic discussion of technology and culture --- what these two terms mean, what they've meant, what they mean in America as opposed to Europe, and where the ideas behind these terms overlap. Specifically, we are discussing the German word (and notion) known as "Kulturtechnik." Tonight (Thursday the 19th) at 6:30pm, the University of Tulsa Social Science Interest Group --- in association with TU's recently-formed Digital Studies Group --- will present a free-to-the-public lecture on "Kulturtechnik" in the Chapman Hall Lecture Hall on the TU campus. Bernard Geoghegan, who teaches in the Institute for Cultural Studies at Humboldt University of Berlin, will deliver this lecture, which is entitled “An Introduction to Kulturtechnik: American Liberalism as a Cultural Technology." Geoghegan is our guest on ST today, as is Benjamin Peters, an Assistant Professor of Communication here at TU. Peters is also a coordinator/planner with TU's Digital Studies Group. Also on today's show, our medical commentator, Dr. John Henning Schumann of OU-Tulsa, describes the ultimate in health care for super-duper rich folks --- it's known as "Guardian 24/7" medical coverage.