Oklahoma House OKs Bill to Limit Medication Purchases

May 3, 2012

OKLAHOMA CITY (AP) — The Oklahoma House of Representatives has approved a bill that would limit how much non-prescription cold and allergy medication containing a key methamphetamine ingredient a consumer could purchase.

House members voted 89-1 Wednesday to approve Senate amendments to House Bill 2941, which now goes to Gov. Mary Fallin for her consideration.

The measure by Representative David Derby of Owasso would decrease the monthly purchase amount from 9 grams to 7.2 grams and cut the annual purchase amount from 108 grams to 60 grams. The Tulsa World reports that a 10-tablet package of Sudafed, for example, has 2.4 grams of pseudoephedrine.

Besides limiting the powder form, the bill includes liquid and gel cap forms, which the Drug Enforcement Administration officials say also can be used to manufacture methamphetamines.