OG&E Rate Hike

Oklahoma City, OK – OG&E rates going up in August

OKLAHOMA CITY (AP) The Oklahoma Corporation Commission has approved a settlement for a $48 million rate increase for Oklahoma Gas & Electric Co. The action will affect customer bills in August.

The rate increase averages $6.50 a month for OG&E customers, but officials say most residential customers will receive a slight decrease in their monthly bills because of changes in the fuel adjustment formula.

The average monthly energy use of customers is 1,500 kilowatt hours. Officials said customers in that category will see their bills drop by 63 cents.

The utility plans infrastructure improvements with the extra money, including expanded use of so-called "smart meters," which allow customers to see how much they are paying for energy at any given time.

Senior citizens who take part in the utility's "time-of-use" program will quality for a $5-a-month discount from June through October.