No Across The Board Cuts

Oklahoma City, OK – Fallin promotes 'targeted' cuts in Okla spending

OKLAHOMA CITY (AP) Gov.-elect Mary Fallin says she will not endorse across-the-board cuts to state agencies as leaders grapple with a massive hole in next year's state budget.

Fallin said Wednesday after a chamber event in Oklahoma City that she supports "targeted, thoughtful reductions in spending" as lawmakers deal with an expected shortfall when they return to the Capitol in February.

Fallin says she endorses protecting core functions of state government like education, public safety, corrections, health services and transportation. But those areas make up nearly all of state government spending, and shielding all of them from cuts will be unlikely.

A Tulsa think-tank earlier this week projected lawmakers will face an estimated $400 million budget hole, but House and Senate leaders on Wednesday predicted it could be as much as $600 million.