On the Next All This Jazz: "Eye" Tunes

Jan 18, 2013

"Angel Eyes." "Smoke Gets in Your Eyes." "Them There Eyes." "I Only Have Eyes for You." And so on.

There are, as it happens, a bunch of nice "eye" tunes in the American Popular Songbook. And we'll hear wonderful jazz treatments of several of them --- along with Wayne Shorter's classic piece, "Infant Eyes" --- on the next edition of All This Jazz. "Eyes" will be our second-hour theme, in fact, and the fun gets underway at 10pm Central on Saturday the 19th on Public Radio 89.5-1 (with a re-broadcast of this show on Sunday the 20th at 7pm Central on Jazz 89.5-2).

Join us for an ever-so-nifty program that will additionally feature music from Roy Hargrove, Frank Vignola, Jaki Byard, Charlie Parker, Geri Allen (pictured here), and other greats.

It's modern jazz, both recent and classic. It's All This Jazz.