The Moth Radio Hour

Public Radio Tulsa – "I think it's the next big huge hit in public radio." -Garrison Keillor

Friday's Documentary of the Week features features true stories told live on stage without scripts, notes, props, or accompaniment. The Moth Radio Hour mixes humorous and heartbreaking tales told with honesty, bravery, and wit. In this episode: a severely stuttering child finds solace in speaking to animals and vows to speak for them if he grows up to find his voice. Years later we find him as the world's premier jaguar expert, having a face to face with an animal in the jungle of Belize. Plus, a Texas tale of moon pies and bedazzlers, and the surprising story of a Harlem man who ends up at a rodeo in Oregon.

On Public Radio 89.5 HD1, Friday evening at 8:00.