Making Up Missed Days

Tulsa, OK – The district has been exploring approaches to make up the recent snow days due to inclement weather. The following recommendations center on the need to: (1) capture as much instructional time as possible prior to state testing, (2) protect Spring Break, (3) avoid the use of Saturdays and (4) preserve June 3, 2011 for traditional calendar schools and June 17, 2011 for continuous learning schools as the last day of school.
The proposals for both traditional and CLC schools are outlined below:
Traditional Schedule:
Use the three snow days built into the current calendar
Add the following three days back into the instructional calendar
1. February 18th professional development day - for teachers required to attend this professional development it will be moved to June 7, 2011
2. February 21st President's Day
3. April 8th Parent/Teacher Conferences - Parent/Teacher Conferences will be rescheduled using two evenings
Third quarter would now end on April 7
Add 30 minutes to the school day from February 28 through May 11, 2011
CLC Schedule:
Replace the scheduled intercessions of March 7-11 and March 21-25, 2011 with instructional days
Add April 8 as an additional instructional day.