Lights Back On

Tulsa, Okla. – After nearly a year of dark highways, the City of Tulsa has found it in its budget to turn street lights back on.

Mayor Bartlett hosted a ceremonial throwing of the switch at one lighting circuit control location along the Gilcrease Expressway earlier today.

"This is a good day," the Mayor said. "I'm here, along with most of the City Council. We approached this whole thing as a good team effort."

Street lights along many stretches of Tulsa road were turned off last year due to budget concerns. Leaving the lights off saved the city about $45,000 per month.

Efforts to make lighting downtown and in city buildings more efficient contributed to the space in this year's budget for the re-lighting of streets.

The Mayor said the lights will be able to stay on at least through this fiscal year, which ends next June.