INCOG Ready For Next Step With GO Plan

Aug 6, 2014

Credit File photo

INCOG has the data it needs to begin the next phase of developing a bicycle and pedestrian master plan for the Tulsa metro area.

James Wagner with INCOG said more than 400 people responded through an online map, but the council didn’t stop there.

"We have a complete sidewalk inventory for the entire Tulsa metropolitan area, and so that really helps us identify the gaps of where there's no sidewalk," Wagner said. "We also have a pretty good database of traffic volumes, so we know how much traffic is on each street relative to how many lanes are there."

Tulsa is currently a bronze-level bicycle-friendly community, which is the lowest tier. Tulsa hasn’t achieved any walk-friendly community status.

Some projects under the complete streets concept may start with the next Improve Our Tulsa package.

"That will mean you'll see sidewalks on all the arterial streets that are rehabbed, and then in addition to that, the streets that we designated as on-street bikeways or bike lanes, you'll start to see those as the Improve Our Tulsa projects kind of roll out," Wagner said.

Wagner said there’s about $4.2 million from Improve Our Tulsa to start working on projects, but it will take some time.