Governor signs bills targeting feral hogs

Apr 10, 2012

OKLAHOMA CITY (AP) — Two bills targeting feral hogs are among 16 measures signed into law by Gov. Mary Fallin.

Fallin signed the bills on Monday, including one that specifically authorizes a "Judas pig tagging system" for wiping out feral hogs. The system allows hunters to outfit a feral hog with a radio collar, then track it down after it returns to the main herd.

Wild hogs have become a nuisance across the state, rooting up fields and crops, destroying fences and spreading diseases to livestock.

Another bill Fallin signed on Monday would prohibit the importation of live feral swine into Oklahoma unless they are being transported directly to slaughter in a sealed trailer.

Other measures signed by Fallin on Monday target county commissioner duties and mental health petitions, among other things.

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