Gifts, Offerings, Mementos: Notes on "Objects and Memory"

Tulsa, Oklahoma – Today on StudioTulsa, we speak with filmmaker Jonathan Fein. He's the co-producer and co-director of a documentary called "Objects and Memory," which was originally shown on PBS in 2008 and has recently been screened in Tulsa at various venues. The film has been getting attention in T-Town lately because Mr. Fein will appear at a "Third Thursday" lecture/reception event at Philbrook this evening (the 17th) at 5:30pm. The event is free with museum admission. With music by Philip Glass and narration by Frank Langella, "Objects and Memory" spotlights interviews with individuals at the Vietnam Memorial and the Oklahoma City Bombing and 9/11 "Ground Zero" sites in order to explore why human beings are sometimes (or, in fact, often) compelled to respond to life and loss --- and historical awareness --- in decidedly material ways.