Geologists Looking at Guthrie Earthquakes

Feb 18, 2014

Credit File photo

While the experts try to discover the cause, residents in the Guthrie area and other parts of the state deal with a spate of earthquakes.

Geologists from Oklahoma State University are investigating possible causes of the recent increase in quakes. More than a dozen have shaken areas near Guthrie.

David Ball is Emergency Manager for Logan County and the city of Guthrie. He’s received only minor damage reports so far, and no reports of injuries, but some of the tremors have scared people.

"The damages have been all very minor damages: Little creaks, little cracks in the walls," Ball said.

Some unfamiliar with earthquakes have asked about the possibility of early warning. Ball says with the unpredictability of quakes, there’s no way to give the kind of advance warning you might get with tornadoes or flooding.